How to Make Money From Youtube: Best Methods for Earning a Profit

You can make money from YouTube in a variety of ways. You can monetize your account to earn revenue from ads, sell merchandise, partner with brands for sponsored content or advertise your own products.

However, the primary way to monetize your channel and start making money is by creating quality content that attracts viewers and leads them to subscribe to your channel.

Once you have a sizeable audience, there are several ways you can monetize your YouTube presence further and earn a profit. The key is to balance how much time you’re willing to commit versus how much money you stand to make.

Let’s take a look at some of the best methods for earning a profit from Youtube without breaking the bank…

Monetize Your YouTube Channel

One of the best ways to make money from YouTube is by monetizing your channel. Simply put, this is the process of placing advertising on your videos, which generates revenue for you.

The most common way to monetize YouTube is by running ads before, during or after your videos. This is known as “display advertising” and is the primary method of making money from videos on YouTube.

However, you can also use “search advertising” which places ads on your videos when people search for related terms. YouTube has two types of advertisements: paid ads and shared ads.

Paid ads are ones that you purchase through Google AdWords. If a user clicks on the ad, you’ll receive a portion of the ad revenue from the advertiser.

Shared ads work a bit differently. If you choose to monetize your channel with shared ads, you’ll split ad revenue with YouTube. The amount you receive is based on how many views your video receives.

In addition to display ads, you can also make money from YouTube by placing links in your video descriptions. These links can be used to generate revenue from affiliate programs, product sales or even donations.

Another great way to monetize your channel is by using a channel membership program. This allows users to pay a recurring fee for additional features and content on your channel.

For example, PewDiePie’s paid channel offers members access to exclusive videos and live streams. This service costs $4.99 per month or $19.99 per year and has over 50,000 members!

Your Youtube Channel Should Be A Brand

Don’t just think of your YouTube channel as a place where you upload videos and make money – think of it as a brand! Just like any other brand, you need to develop a personality for it that will allow you to stand out from the crowd and attract new viewers.

You should also create an overall theme for the type of videos you post on your channel. For example: if you have a gaming-related YouTube channel, most of the videos will probably be related to gaming in some way (walkthroughs, reviews, etc.).

Creating an overall theme or personality for your brand will help viewers identify with it more easily and keep them coming back for more content!

Remember, working on developing a brand personality is particularly important if you want to start monetizing your YouTube channel.

Sell Merch

Another way to make money from YouTube is by selling merchandise. Whether you’re creating a YouTube channel for your brand or you’re using YouTube as a platform to build an online store, you can monetize your channel by selling merchandise through your site.

This can be anything from T-shirts to mugs and everything in between. There are many online stores that allow you to sell merchandise through your YouTube channel.

One of the most popular options is Teespring. Teespring allows you to design and sell T-shirts through your YouTube channel. Teespring takes care of the manufacturing, shipping and customer service for you, which means you can focus on creating content for your channel and reap the profits.

The first step when selling merchandise is to create an account with a company like Teespring. Next, you’ll need to create a design for your T-shirts.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by using a program like Canva. Canva makes it easy to create professional looking designs for things like T-shirts and other merchandise. It’s free and easy to use, which is why it’s such a popular choice for many YouTubers looking to monetize their channel through the sale of merchandise.

Once you have your design created, you can then upload it onto Teespring or another site where you want to sell your products and start promoting them on your YouTube channel!

Using YouTube as a platform for content creation is just one way that online businesses are using the video sharing platform as part of their marketing strategy.

There are many other ways that companies are making money from YouTube by leveraging the power of influencer marketing and the influence that YouTubers have over their fans and followers.

Whether you’re creating content on behalf of your brand or you’re building an online store through which viewers can purchase products, there are definitely ways that YouTube can be used as part of your overall digital marketing strategy!

Partner With Brands

Another way to make money from YouTube is by partnering with brands. This can be done in a variety of ways, including through sponsored content, product reviews, etc.

Sponsored content is when a brand pays you to create content that mentions or promotes their product. This could be creating a video reviewing a product or making a video that features a brand’s product.

You can also work with brands to create sponsored challenges, tutorials and more. Again, the key is to find a brand that aligns with your channel and is open to working with you.

Sponsors may also be willing to pay you to put a link in your video or on your channel page. Be careful with this, however, as many sponsors only want links to their website, not other websites.

You can also ask advertisers if they’d be willing to pay you a one-time fee to feature your channel on their social media feed.

Create A Product

Another way to make money from YouTube is by creating a product. This can be in the form of an eBook, online course, video series or something else.

You can sell this product on your own website or through sites like Udemy or Skillshare. If you’re using a site like Udemy, it’s important to be aware of the competition and pricing.

In some cases, your course may end up competing with other courses that are similar as well as popular courses from instructors who have established followings.

Advertise Your Own Products

One of the most common ways to make money from YouTube is by advertising your own products and services. This can be done in a variety of ways, but the most common is through Google Ads.

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that allows you to place ads on a wide variety of sites, including YouTube. You can choose to place text ads, image ads, video ads and more.

The best way to start using AdWords is by creating a campaign. A campaign is a collection of ads that have similar goals, such as generating clicks to your site or increasing brand awareness.

Once you’ve created a campaign, it’s time to start targeting your ads. The best way to do this is to select your “target audience” and “bid amount.”

Your target audience is the group of people you want to see your ad and your bid amount is how much you’re willing to pay per click. However, keep in mind that if you make too much money from Google Ads, you may get banned from YouTube.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

If you have a blog with affiliate links, you could also use YouTube to promote products that you mention in your blog posts and videos. Some content creators make a lot of money doing this!

What makes this strategy unique is that it allows you to earn money passively without all the time it takes to create content that promotes products and services directly.

This is because when someone clicks on one of your affiliate links and buys something on Amazon, they give you a percentage of the sale price!

However, keep in mind that Amazon requires 100 unique visitors before they will allow an affiliate link to be used and they also pay much less commission than other affiliate programs like ClickBank or CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction).

That said, if you already have a blog with an audience and traffic coming through it regularly, this could be a great way for you to make money from YouTube without having to create new videos every day.


There are many methods for making money from YouTube. You can monetize your channel, sell merchandise, partner with brands, or advertise your own products.

The key is to choose a method that fits your channel’s niche and target audience. Once you’ve found the right way to monetize your YouTube channel, all you have to do is create quality content and let the viewers come to you.

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