7 Best SW Radio Stations [Complete 2022 Shortwave List]

Some of us consider ourselves old souls. (Count me in!)

Listening to music and podcasts via YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music is awesome, but nothing can beat that vintage feeling of listening to shortwave radio programs.

You might ask: “Wait, shortwave radio stations still exist?!”

Yes, SW (shortwave) radio is still alive and kicking! In fact, it is still home to the most popular genres of music. They still play everything from rock to hip-hop to country to pop. Popular radio formats like podcasts and newscasts are also here!

There are hundreds of radio stations across the United States. Some are local, national, and even international.

Some of these radio stations are very famous while the others are small and unknown – but you might find your next favourite radio station in one of them!

Keep on reading to find out:

  • What is shortwave radio?
  • How to listen to shortwave radio stations.
  • Our favourite shortwave radio stations in 2022.

But before anything else, you may ask…

What is SW radio?

So let’s get a little bit technical here –

SW Radio, or Shortwave radio, operates using short waves that travel through space at frequencies much higher than those used for television or cell phones.

These radio waves can travel long distances and provide excellent reception over large areas.

We also need to note that shortwave radio stations are not like your typical AM and FM radio stations. It doesn’t have Mix96, Kiss FM, or even BBC.

Listening to shortwave radio stations would also require you to have or build your own shortwave radio. These are small devices that allow you to receive shortwave signals.

Don’t worry, though. Shortwave radio kits are easy to assemble – you may even purchase a completely built one right now!

The best thing about shortwave broadcasting is that it’s free and completely legal!

That is why more and more amateur and more established radio stations choose to broadcast their programming using shortwave radio.

So, let’s get right into it!

Here are our top picks for the best SW radio stations in 2022. (In no particular order, of course. We love them all equally!)

7 Best SW Radio Stations

#1 WFAN Sports Radio

Are you a sports fan and can’t wait to learn about the latest events in sports at the moment? This station might be for you.

WFAN is a sports radio station based out of New York City.

It broadcasts sports such as baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, tennis, and golf.

It has been on air since 1922 and is currently owned by Audacy, Inc.

  • Format: Sports Radio.
  • Frequency: 660 kHz .
  • Schedule: 24/7.

#2 WROR-FM: 80s and More!

Nothing beats the nostalgia of listening to tunes on the radio while driving but old music itself! So go ahead and tune in to WROR-FM for your every-minute 80s music broadcasting.

WROR-FM is a radio station based out of Framingham, Massachusetts.

This station plays classic rock and other varieties of oldies music.

It began broadcasting in 1974. Its current owner is Beasley Broadcast Group.

  • Format: Classic Hits.
  • Frequency: 105.7 MHz.
  • Schedule: 24/7.

#3 WRNO: News Talk

When you’re done listening to your classic tunes, you might find yourself wanting to be on the loop for the latest news. (I wonder how Johnny Depp’s doing right now?)

WRNO is a radio station in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area.

They broadcast live news and talk shows about current events, trends, and many more!

Broadcasting since 1967, WRNO is still operating today, and iHeartMedia currently owns them.

  • Format: Talk Radio, Classic Hip-hop.
  • Frequency: 99.5 Mhz.
  • Schedule: 24/7.

#4 WBCQ: The Planet

Now, let’s talk about the indie scene!

WBCQ is a shortwave radio channel in Monticello, Maine.

This station broadcasts a variety of different formats, mainly talk shows usually produced by commercial networks.

The owner and operator of this radio station is still Allan Weiner, who began airing his first broadcast in 1998.

Allan Weiner is also the owner and operator of WXME AM (780 kHz) and WBCQ-FM (94.7 MHz), which broadcast News talk, Rock music, and Country songs.

  • Format: Variety.
  • Frequency:
    • 3.265 MHz.
    • 5.130 MHz.
    • 6.160 MHz.
    • 7.490 MHz.
    • 9.330 MHz.
  • Schedule: 24/7.

#5 WINB: World International Broadcasting

Now, if you are interested in listening to religious programming – WINB is the shortwave radio station you should tune in to!

WINB is a commercial shortwave station that broadcasts internationally. Their purpose is to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ.

They started their operations way back in 1962 and have been home mainly by religious broadcasters to promote religious outreach.

World International Broadcasters, Inc. owns WINB.

  • Format: Brokered Christian Radio.
  • Frequency: 9.265 MHz.
  • Schedule: 6: 00 A.M. – 3:00 A.M. ET

#6 WTWW: We transmit WorldWide

Continuing with another religious radio station, let’s take a look at another Christian-oriented radio station…

WTWW is a shortwave radio station that broadcasts its programs across Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

They have been operating in Lebanon, Tennessee, since 2010.

WTWW is owned by Leap of Faith, Inc.

  • Format: Religious Paid Programming.
  • Frequency:
    • 5.085 MHz. (6:00 P.M. ET)
    • 5.83 MHz. (9:00 P.M. to 1:00 A.M. ET)
    • 15.81 MHz. (24/7)

#7 VOA: Voice of America

And last but not the least – VOA (Voice of America)

If you want to know more about the beautiful and diverse culture around us, VOA is the radio station you should tune into!

VOA’s main audience are non-Americans who live in the United States, specifically Africans. They are also the biggest and oldest state-owned international broadcaster.

Founded in 1942, VOA is still operating and is owned by none other than the government of the United States of America themselves!

  • Format: Variety.
  • Frequency:
    • 9.04 MHz
    • 7.73 MHz
    • 11.58 MHz
    • 11.58 MHz
  • Schedule: 24/7

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People also ask:

Is there anything to listen to on shortwave anymore?

Absolutely! as we have shared in this article, there are still shortwave radio programming worth listening to.

Although the number of people using shortwave radio frequencies to listen to daily programming has lowered, there are still loyal followers of these programmes.

Who still uses shortwave radio?

Loyal followers of the independent shortwave radio shows and programs are still using shortwave radio.

Although, most people have now switched over to using their smartphones or tablets to listen to music or podcasts.

Is shortwave radio illegal?

Absolutely not! Residents of the united states are allowed to broadcast their programmes through shortwave radio channels as long as it does not relay through existing AM and FM frequencies.

In fact, shortwave radios are widely used not just by individuals who broadcast their programmes through the shortwave radio frequencies but also by other people who communicate through HAM.

What time is it best to listen to shortwave radio programmes?

Aside from making sure you follow your favourite shortwave radio station’s programming schedule…

Some frequencies sound best at night, and some perform better during the day. Frequencies under 13000 Khz are best listened to at night, and anything more than that performs better during the day.

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